ViewTool Hollong BLE Sniffer Support Linux OS Introduction

1。 Download Software:\_content
Under Linux,download latest version and copy to working dir.
Before running software, must have:
* Hardware:search "ViewTool Hollong BLE Sniffer" in ebay, amazon, or from this link:\_1\_fkmr0\_1\_a\_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1530462231&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=viewtool+hillsong+ble+sniffer
* software: Wireshark
After above hardware and software ready,press “ctrl+alt+t” to enter terminal, authorize super user permission by command “su " , input password, then type: ./ to start up:ble\_sniffer

2. On ble\_sniffer main page ,click ”start" (top left triangle) , then Wireshark will start running,if pop up message box mentioned "no permission..", please ignore it and click “OK” to continue, then Wireshark will start to run as followling pictures:

3。Here is one example of Wireshark version(2.4.6)working with Ubuntu 18.04

4。BLE SNIFFER will list discovered BLE devices,select one or more device on right box(or click “select" to select all devices),Wireshark willl display captured advertising data(Before Wireshark captured advertising data, please do not have BLE master/slave device connected because BLE Sniffer need advertising data and connection request info to tracking all BLE signals after connection done),after Wireshark shows advertising data correctly, BLE master device could connect with slave device。
Important notice: if found missing data packet or not easy to captured the data after connection, please put master / slave devices closer (suggestion is less than 50cm),and put sniffer between them to improve reliability of capturing data;

5。One example of captured BLE4.2 long package,MTU = 247 (in one PDU)(type in "btatt" in input box of Wireshark to display ATT package only,to ignore advertising and empty packet), Hollong BLE Sniffer support standard BLE4.2 up to MTU=251 bytes per PDU。

6。NOTIFICATOIN PDU from slave device

7。MTU request PDU(response PDU followed):MTU = 247 bytes

Linux version of ViewTool Hollong BLE Sniffer demo:
Example of captured BLE4.2 data (viewed by Wireshark):


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